Organic Gardening Services

Many home owners are becoming increasingly interested in natural garden and lawn care in order to minimize the amount of toxic chemicals that they may come into contact with. Going a step further, there is a growing awareness of the private yard’s contribution to our ecosystem as a whole, and we are able to apply a growing body of ecological knowledge on how to foster habitat and biodiversity at the scale of private home ownership. There are simple ways to diversify, soften, and naturalize our yards to create habitat for birds, toads, pollinators and other invertebrates. Hardly to be side-stepped in this conversation, is the astounding beauty and diversity of plants to choose from, creating mood, drama, and quiet retreat from the demands of daily life.  And last, but not least, upmost attention is given to improving soil health to sustain the brilliance and vitality of the garden retreat.

I offer gardening and landscaping services when the season permits. In the off-season, I am available for garden design and layout work. I can work remotely from measurements and pictures. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

My specialties include:

  • new plantings of perennial flowers and shrubs

  • landscaping to flatter your home

  • pollinator gardens

  • landscaping for habitat

  • natural gardening instruction

  • cut-flower gardens

  • kitchen gardens

I also offer:

  • invasive weed removal without the use of herbicides

  • creation of new flower beds

  • lawn improvement – leveling, soil improvement, weed removal. I don’t offer lawn maintenance at this time.

My fees are $25/hour plus cost of plants and/or supplies. Free estimates.