Healthier Dude Food?

My boyfriend and his college roommate are into food, not health food. They are also into beer. Not having been in college for several years myself, I was somewhat taken aback by the vast amounts of alcohol some college students consume. Being a health coach, I also came to realize that for many, alcohol, perhaps more than overeating, accounts for many extra calories contributing to weight gain. But as I discovered, the beer isn’t budging, and so this series of posts is dedicated to other ways that dudes or those who love dude food may improve their health by improving their diet… and maybe also even help out their hard-working liver.

The big question is, what is Dude Food?

Well, I’m no expert, but the common denominator seems to be copious amounts of meat, or fat, or both. What I discovered is that when the meat and fat is in ample supply, simple carbohydrates like bread, potatoes, or pasta are hardly missed and can be a way avoid extra calories that may contribute to weight gain.  (If bread is missed, sprouted or naturally leavened sourdough whole grain breads are hearty and appealing.)  Free-range beef, lamb, pork, eggs, chicken or sustainably harvested and wild-caught fish can be paired with two nutrient dense vegetables like steamed beets and sauteed collard greens for example. Another example is bison meatloaf with whole-grain gluten free buckwheat instead of breadcrumbs, paired with steamed broccoli and pureed parsnips. Granted, this is for those with a well-developed palette, but very satisfying in respect to bulk, heartiness, color, and taste sensation.

Do you like dude food?
How do you define it?

Does any of this sound good to you?


3 thoughts on “Healthier Dude Food?

  1. OK, good advice. But how about the pizza eating crowd? Then again, most dude food eaters don't take much time to shop for good foods, or even to learn about them. They rely on what's quick, easy and familiar. How to help them?

  2. Hi Joe! Thank you for participating in this discussion of what dude food is and characterizing the folks that eat dude food. What I hope to do on this blog is promote healthier dude food and offer recipes, pictures, ideas and education on how and why to improve food that men, (or women who like hearty warm food) will eat. I think that pizza should be kept to a minimum – maybe twice a month or so.

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