Welcoming Winter

Today was one of those days: information overload a la the internet, paralyzing indecision, and lack of acceptance of the present moment. I gave myself a headache.

I fed all this for a while, but when the headache started, I realized it was time to bring myself out of self-induced paralysis.

Here are some of my favorite ways:
do the dishes
fold the laundry, put it away
write in my journal
listen to the wind
take a shower
make myself pretty
make chocolate “ice cream”

Journal: Welcoming Winter

The angle of the sun is softer now; less harsh.
With the leaves dropped from the trees, 
the sun’s rays reach me and its warmth more gentle.

I wish for more longevity in my patterns: 
work, living situations, relationships.
I must struggle to find comfort …
in the consistency inherent in my own repeated patterns. 

Pondering that, I realize that my peace comes not through other people but through the solitude of myself.

I remember to look to winter. 
It is through this season that I embrace my solitude.
Where others hide, I venture. 
Free at last, with only myself to see, feel, 
I feel my strength.
I feel my peace.

I meet you with comfort, Winter, as I remember that 
you are quiet,
and I am warm and strong.

Time spent walking, skating, reading,
with few words spoken.

Give time to be silent. To listen to what the wind has to say
as the last leaves fall. 

Chocolate “ice cream” recipe:

2 frozen bananas, peeled and chopped 
(Freezing bananas: I freeze them with the skins on, but that’s just me. I get some sort of strange pleasure in peeling frozen bananas! Also, you don’t have to worry about storing in plastic, can throw them in the freezer at the latest desirable ripeness, and it’s easy.)

1/2 cup refrigerated canned coconut milk 
(I use canned coconut milk free of added thickening agents and sugars)

1 1/2 Tablespoons organic cocoa powder

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 1/2 Tablespoons water

I used a cheap stick blender that was left behind at the art center where I live. Luckily, its motor is still going strong enough to do the little job. 

The result of the “ice cream” is still quite frozen, but liquidy enough to feel like ice cream that you have let sit for a couple minutes and mashed up to get soft. That’s how I like it!


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